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Hello I am Georgette Mayberry a writer, encourager, motivator, and entrepreneur.  It was on August 5th 2010 I was suddenly challenged with an unexpectedly chronic illness that had challenged my faith. May 2012 I became a new author of my first book It Could Happen To You "A Testimony Of Overcoming A Chronic Illness. This book has inspired me to keep writing and help others with the challenges they may face. My books guide others to keep the faith within themselves and break through the barriers that are holding them back from going forth. 

The Unexpected Happened To Me 

The trials of life can make you feel as if you’re lifeless. Yet at my weakest state I found strength and newness of life from above to deliver me out of my brokenness. 

Every day I had to call on the Lord to help me through. It was because of his strength I made it when I felt like giving up. Giving up was not an option for me. When I couldn't push the keys on the keyboard I forced myself to. It was rough but I had to breakthrough the barriers.

When I couldn't hold a pen in my hand to write on a sheet of paper I went into deep thought. No matter how I felt I can say God helped me see the vision and believe.

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