Victorious Way of Life Radio Blog Show

No matter what you are going through be encouraged. Yes sometimes it's easier said than done. There are many days I had to and still do encourage myself. I have to speak life to my very situation that gives me hope and courage when I’m feeling low. Times when I feel like I can’t make it I encourage myself. God has been good to me. Good has brought me a long way. I learned to speak positive things in a negative situation. I had to believe what I was speaking to myself. When I believe what I was speaking and kept on speaking it I found myself in another place. A place were my soul was uplifted the joy of the lord has come back in. I started thinking better. I was able to relax and not be bottled down with the weights that I was carrying. I would be able to walk with the peace of God. No matter what you are going through and it looks like encourage yourself and someone else.